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Daily Links January 27 2008

Posted: January 27, 2008 in Links

Trying to get back to my daily links. Here are some of the things I’ve been reading lately.


TechCrunch reported today that the HD DVD format has gone the way of the BetaMax in favor of the Sony supported Bluray. PS3 sales soared to 1.3 million this holiday season, securing it’s position as an entertainment center (for those under a rock, PS3 has a built in Bluray player). Other big news leading to the death of HD DVD, more and more studios are switching over to the Sony format, most recently Warner Brothers. HD was supported by Toshiba and Microsoft, where the Xbox 360 had a HD DVD external player available for purchase. I will mark this as the second biggest blunder of the Xbox 360, the first being going to market with inferior parts.

So what does this mean for the industry and consumer? Not much financial loss really since the fight has only been 2 years long and is just starting to get purchasing power behind it. However, now that Sony will control what will most likely be the last hard copy of movies, they will have a monopoly on how the product will grow which, in my opinion, is always bad news. Not too long ago, Sony was the mastermind behind the CD copying DRM fiasco, which added spyware and other crippling software to your computer unknowingly to the user. Maybe Sony has learned from that, but I highly doubt it. Bluray also is more expensive, and I don’t expect Sony to have any relief in this area now that they competition is gone.

A few months ago, before I unfortunately created the 2.0 version of this blog, I posted about deciding between the two formats. Torn between my soft loyalty to the company that pays my salary, a higher priced format, and a studio war wagering good movies vs. good movie, I decided not to make a purchase. I was even tempted to buy a  HD DVD player this past holiday season which I’m glad I didn’t.

Of course, all of this won’t matter in 6-8 years, when there won’t be a need for DVDs as consumers will get all their multimedia online. This of course brings up another story of cable vs. satellite vs. phone company vs. others as to who will control media. I wrote a paper in school about this back in 2000, and it’s shocking to see how much of it is coming true. Very Big Brother like. Scary.

Bill Gates Final Keynote CES 2008

Posted: January 7, 2008 in microsoft

Here is a great video of Bill Gates and his last day at Microsoft. Lots of cameos from celebrities. Feel free to fast forward the first minute of junk in this clip.

2008 BCS Championship Prediction

Posted: January 7, 2008 in sports
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Tonight is the big matchup between the Ohio State  Buckeyes and the LSU Tigers. Sheridan odds have the Tigers as a 3.5 point favorite and the over/under at 48. I’m going with LSU to whip up on the Buckeyes? Why you may ask – well, I just don’t like OSU. I also think that LSU’s offense has too many weapons and will pick apart OSU’s top ranked defense. I’ll also take the over, because when two “defensive” teams meet up, they almost always go over. The only chance OSU has to beating LSU on their 2nd home turf is by coming out scoring and finding a way to shutdown Dorsey. I see the Buckeyes fumbling a championship trophy yet again.

 Thomas’s prediction:

 LSU: 41-27

MVP Offense: Flynn, darkhorse being Hester

MVP Defense: Dorsey, darkhorse being Steltz

Lucy Fur Shaffer Flickr

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2008 Goals and Happy New Year

Posted: January 3, 2008 in life
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Here are my goals for 2008. Some may call them resolutions, but I’m not a fan of that word. Some are personal goals, some are professional.

  • Read 20 books: I’m a horrible reader, but sometimes I can power through some titles if my interest is high. I think I read maybe 4 books last year, so 20 is a nice stretch goal. I’d like at least 5 of the books to be nonfiction. I’ll probably focus on topics of interest like personal finance, beer, US History, and political thrillers (My new favorite author is Vince Flynn).
  • Fully Fund my IRA: okay, i’ve done this for the past few years and I’m on automatic payments so this should be easy. I have to have at least one goal accomplished this year, right?
  • Start a net worth and budgeting program: I have a budget, but not the best. I’d like to have a better picture of my financial worth and goals
  • Become a notary public: Don’t really know about this one, I’ve just always wanted to be able to notorize things. Maybe that’s my desire to have a stamp of approval (so to speak).
  • Invest better: I’ve been playing it safe, and I’ve missed out on some big opportunities (We were crazy to think of buying GOOG at $125 Evan). My goal will be to diversify my holdings and maximize my returns.
  • Digitize my Family: I have family photo albums that I want to digitize and organize for my family. This will be time consuming and I’ll need to buy a new external drive, but this will be a fun goal to complete.
  • Start a business: Haven’t figured out doing what exactly, but I’m sure with my jack of all trades mentality I should be able to get something started.
  • Travel more: I have free vouchers that expire in March, a decent amount of frequent flyer miles, and a wife that doesn’t work 2 months a year. Of course, traveling will still take money, something that seems to allude me as of late. There are plenty of places in Washington we haven’t gone, and if our friends come out like they say they will, we’ll check out more spots.
  • Blog more: this is both about personal stuff and professional. I’d like to post more intellectual stuff as opposed to dumping in a YouTube video.
  • The usual: eat less, work out, lose weight. Seriously, who doesn’t need to do these things?

So those are my goals. Nothing really out there. I have to say that the reading and business goals are the two that will cause the most strain. Who wants to read when you have a 46 inch LCD and a xbox 360?