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Ask Thomas Series: My Work Calendar

Posted: February 26, 2008 in ask thomas, work

I’m sure you are sitting back asking yourself “How does Thomas keep track of what the date is while at the office?” all the time. Well, I’ll tell you – I walk into the work kitchen. I can tell by the smell. Like today, I know it’s the last week of the month because it smells like an episode of Dirty Jobs in there today. Of course, I don’t get the satisfaction of cleaning out the sh*t like Mike Rowe does. The first of the week the kitchen actually smells clean since the custodial engineers come in and toss the fridge like a San Quentin cell block. I really am shocked people put their food in that germbox ever. It really is disgusting.

I’m sure my 4 U.S. fans and 38 Eastern Europe fans have many other questions. Feel free to leave a comment and maybe I’ll make a post.


Daily Links February 13th – 24th

Posted: February 24, 2008 in Links
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You know, I have come to grips with the reality that sports have been tainted for the past 10 years by steroids, HGH, and whatever other performance enhancing drugs there are. What kills me is that Congress is involved. What do they care that Barry Bonds reached the home run record by doping, or that Roger Clemens had a trainer stick a needle in his ass? Also, who outside of New England really cares about the Patriots recording practices? I don’t want sleazy politicians spoiling my sports entertainment. The Pats lost, Belichek is a punk and cheater, move on. So here are 11 (because it’s one louder) things I’d rather have Congress working on than steroids and sports.

  1. Iraq: People dying or Barry Bond’s huge head. Let’s kick the patriotism up a notch.
  2. Subprime fallout: Which is worse – 100’s of thousands losing their homes, or 1000 people getting buff.
  3. Deficit: Unless you are going to take some sort of profit sharing from sports to offset our bills, start cutting the fat. 
  4. Education: Our education system is pathetic. Why not work on finding ways to get better teachers, better salaries, and better programs instead of getting dispositions from Jose Canseco. 
  5. Taxes: I don’t want my hard earned money spent on getting testimony from some roid raging personal trainer.
  6. Immigration: Sure baseball welcomes illegals, but should the United States?
  7. Airline Industry: How come it took me 33 hours to get from Raleigh to Seattle and I had to pay for it? Get these chumps under grand jury testimony.
  8. The Real War on Drugs: Which is worse – having muscles or having no teeth? Tackle drugs like crack, coke and heroin. If Jason Giambi wants to have tiny balls and huge biceps,  best of luck to him. Last time I checked he’s not shooting people for $10 or stealing my car radio for a fix.
  9. Permanent tax cuts: Supposedly I’m rich, according to the IRS. Middle class gets crushed in taxes. Don’t make us pay even more.
  10. Budget: Look, I’d love to go out and buy fancy cars, clothes, and take vacations to exotic locations but I have limited funds and bills to pay. Cut out all the BS spending, get rid of these bloated programs that do nothing but suck money away from more important itmes (see #3,4, and 6), and find a way to turn us back into a economic powerhouse. 
  11. Trades/Economy: Can you please work on solutions to get the US to actually produce something? I’d like to see this economy grow and actually have goods and products for other countries to buy from us.

This is just a very short list of things Congress needs to be working on instead of investigating sports. I’m tempted to write my representatives and senators and give them a piece of mind, that is if they are even in session right now. The only people that work less that the French are Congress.

it’s official, the writer’s strike is over.  According to the Wall Street Journal, an agreement was reached late Tuesday night by the Writers Guild of  America. Workers will be getting back to work as early as Wednesday, the first time since going on strike November 5 of last year. 

The biggest issues over this latest strike was around online and other new media payments to the writers. A deal was reached this past Friday, and on Monday many Guild members were already preparing to get back writing.

This is great news for us devoted television watchers, who are sick of reruns and very bad reality shows. Early winners seem  to be the Oscars which will be televised on Feb 24th and Saturday Night Live on Feb 23rd. Many shows will have new episodes as early as March.