Ask Thomas Series: My Work Calendar

Posted: February 26, 2008 in ask thomas, work

I’m sure you are sitting back asking yourself “How does Thomas keep track of what the date is while at the office?” all the time. Well, I’ll tell you – I walk into the work kitchen. I can tell by the smell. Like today, I know it’s the last week of the month because it smells like an episode of Dirty Jobs in there today. Of course, I don’t get the satisfaction of cleaning out the sh*t like Mike Rowe does. The first of the week the kitchen actually smells clean since the custodial engineers come in and toss the fridge like a San Quentin cell block. I really am shocked people put their food in that germbox ever. It really is disgusting.

I’m sure my 4 U.S. fans and 38 Eastern Europe fans have many other questions. Feel free to leave a comment and maybe I’ll make a post.


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