Dook Loses To WVU Top Ten Excuses Why They Lost

Posted: March 22, 2008 in sports
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West Virginia just finished waxing dook in the NCAA tournament. Here are the top ten excuses or statements that will be overheard as to why they lost

  1. WVU is more of a 3 seed
  2. coach k had the flu
  3. dook is a young team
  4. dook overachieved this year anyway
  5. dook doesn’t have the talent they used to. *note: dook has 8 McDonald’s All-Americans*
  6. k did a great job with the kids he had to work with
  7. the 3 ball just wasn’t dropping for them this game
  8. it’s not unexpected – dook has only gotten past the sweet 16 once in the past 7 years
  9. It was a valiant effort, WVU just wanted it much more
  10. dook didn’t have the size of talent as WVU

Got any other excuses you can think of? I know the one excuse you won’t hear as to why they lose:

When you are as reliant on the 3 point shot as much as dook  is, you are going to lose. One dimensional teams do not succeed in the tournament.


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