Lazy Saturday

Posted: May 3, 2008 in life

I love doing nothing on the weekends. One of these days I might look back and say “why didn’t I do this or that” but for now forget it. I got in a conversation this week with a coworker about what I do outside the office, what my hobbies are. I was pretty proud to say I like to do nothing. I’m not one of those super achievers who runs charity events or marches for immigration. I like to sit down on my slightly uncomfortable couch and watch tv. Sometimes I’ll mix it up with some internet but that’s it.

Most of my Saturdays are the same. A typical Saturday goes like this:

7/8am-ish: Take Lucy outside to pee/poop.

9am-ish: Get out of bed. Turn on TV. Assess weather situation.

10/11am-ish: Take Lucy to park. This is a must as she is crammed in her cell kennel all day every day.  

1pm-ish: Lunch. Lately it’s been Jersey Mike’s. Man that place is great. If we eat at home, clean out DVR.

2pm-ish: Errands. Usually a trip to Target or Trader Joe’s. We usually split grocery trips over the weekend.

3pm-ish: Back home. time to start a load of laundry or talk about cleaning. Watch Ashley sneak off to bedroom for nap. Watch TV.

6pm-ish: Dinner. usually getting food out again, first choice being the Mexican joint on the corner.

8pm-ish: Realize that the day is over and the only thing I’ve done is take the dog to the park. Start a movie or clean out the DVR.

11pm/1am-ish: Bedtime. I still like to think i’m 20 and staying up late is cool.

Sundays are pretty much the same, except the last 6 hours are marked as “realizing weekend is over and nothing was done.” I’m obviously downplaying what we do. there are the hours on the weekend that we actually work for some strange reason. There is the trip to Costco for gas, the 2nd park trip, the trips outside for Lucy, and the occasional run to the movies.

I really do need to get some hobbies.


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