Why My Wife Hates Mother’s Day

Posted: May 11, 2008 in life

No, my wife is not heartless. She loves her mom, and my mom, and moms in general. However, this is the second year in a row something bad has happened to her on Mother’s Day. Last year, my homie came to visit and we went to a M’s game. Well, Ashley found a way to fall down going up the escalator. She sliced her knee and put a pretty nasty bruise on it. We ended up going to the emergency room on Mother’s Day. Oh, what fun. The end result was her limping around for a week on crutches.

On Friday we joked about going to a Mariner’s game again. I said they weren’t in town (they were). Well, no reason for me to try and play games with fate. Ashley woke up and wasn’t feeling well. Aches, pains, and a 101 fever. Eventually went to the doc in a box and her fever hit over 102 while waiting. Turns out she has the flu. We get her some medicine and back to the house for sleep. 2 hours later the “other” symptoms arrive – and land themselves in the bedroom trashcan. Yuck.

So, Ashley is back for back having a bad time of it on Mother’s Day. Maybe next year the streak will end. I just hope I don’t catch what she has. I am probably one of worst people to be around when I’m sick.


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