Holy Hotness in the PNW

Posted: May 17, 2008 in life

It is 95 degrees here today. That is hot. Now, I know I should be used to temperatures this high plus humidity. The difference is, here in the pacific northwest there are only two places I can go that have air conditioning – my car or the movie theatre. Well, the theatres are packed and with gas pushing four dollars, I’m not gonna sit in the car idling.

Thankfully we ran the dog this morning before it got too hot, and she got to swim and cool off. Ashley also premade out dinner (mexican) so we don’t have to run the stove tonight.Our four Hawaiian Breeze fans (false advertising FYI as I see no clear blue waters or spam and eggs) are rocking some air circulation for us. there is a slight breeze but not enough to not make me sweat. I just wish the pool in our complex was open.


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