2008 Review

Posted: December 29, 2008 in life

Early in January I listed out my 2008 resolutions. I figured if I wrote these down and posted it for the world to see, I’d have pressure to achieve. Let’s take a look and see what happened.
Read 20 books: Negative. I know I read at least 5, but most likely no more than 10. I did thumb through 20 books if that counts.
Fully Fund my IRA: Success! To be fair, I’ve done this a few years in a row now, but it is an accomplishment. For the two of you reading this, have you funded yours?
Start a net worth and budgeting program: mild success. We bought a house this year, so I did a lot of budgeting and net worth discovery. I did fail in the sense of keeping an accurate and updated budgeting system. There is always 2009.
Become a notary public: Negative. It’s still my dream to have my own stamp of approval, I just didn’t think about this one at all.
Invest better: hahaha. next.
Digitize my Family: Negative. I feel bad about this one as I’ve been sitting on it for almost 2 years now. Maybe 3 is my lucky number.
Start a business: This list is not looking too good. throw up a goose egg on this.
Travel more: Success. I travelled enough in 2008 to achieve Gold status with Alaska Airlines. The problem with this was that only 2 of the trips were for vacation. The rest were business trips or going to funerals. So, while I did travel more, I didn’t do the travelling I wanted.
Blog more: Whiff. I didn’t even post once a month. My current rate is $6 a post.
The usual: eat less nope, work out zilch, lose weight I gained (way too much).

So how did I do? By my math I got less than 20% of my resolutions completed. But this year is going to be different! I’m working on my list for 2009 and I will have a nice list of small, medium, and large range opportunties for me to make myself better.


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