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I am (not) often asked “Hey Thomas – How do you know you are living in Seattle?” Well, that’s simple, I count coffee. Coffee stores and coffee drinkers are abundant in Seattle and surrounding cities. This isn’t anything new, however you have to dig a little deeper to truely say you are in Seattle. For example, let’s say you are on your way to work in the morning (true story). Do you think you could tell if you were in Seattle? Glancing out to my right I see a bicyclist sitting at the light beside me. This is a common occurence around the Emerald city, but how can you be sure? Well, this guy was sipping a cup of Joe. That’s right. Here is a guy in spandex with no shorts (seriously homie, buy a pair of Umbros), rain jacket, chilling in the bike lane sipping his latte. I’m 100% certain this does not occur on the Cliff Benson back home. What makes the story even better and solidifies my statement that I am, in fact, in Seattle is that right before the light changes, he slides the carboard cup with the plastic lid into the bottle cage on his bike. No H20 for this guy, he’s down with Juan Valdez.

This story is worthless without pics, as the image of a mid 30’s, spandex laden, coffee sipping guy on a Cannondale just doesn’t look the same in your mind’s eye, and I’ve seen both. I should have told him that his cup wasn’t eco-friendly, but I was too busy trying to get the cap of my bottled water on before it spilt in my SUV.


I’m sure you are sitting back asking yourself “How does Thomas handle watching sports on the left coast?” all the time. Well, I’ll tell you – I don’t. Working on 3 years out here and I still can’t figure it out. I miss games constantly. It’s not by choice either, I just can’t consistently get a day of sports in this state. I am slowing losing touch with the sporting world and I don’t believe it’s my fault. I think one of the biggest challenges I have being here is game selection.

The fact that the college sports out here (and I’m talking basketball here since it’s that time of year)are weak and boring, they (meaning those big wigs at the tv stations who chose programming) slam my tv with chumps and bums every day. I wish the studios would realize that “regional” does not equal quality or preference. But the sinister part is, they know it doesn’t. That’s why they have pay per sports, forcing us sports fans who want to catch a good round or two of peach basket games to pay out our noses. But are these paid events commercial free or feature decent broadcasters? Heck no, it’s just as much as the “free” games. I probably won’t even get the ACC Tournament because my channels will be filled with freaks and geeks trying to prove how much they don’t deserve to be in the NCAA tournament.

So yeah, I end up going to Target with the wife or taking our mutt to the park for some much needed excercise. I really have tried to get into left coast sports but it’s just not working. I’ve already talked about the college scene being weak. The Mariners are in the American League, I prefer the National. I hate the NBA, not to mention the Sonics will be gone soon enough (see you later Squatch). The only shining star is the Seahawks, but leaving at 9am to find parking for a 1pm game, having to miss the early games in order to find said parking, and the overall obnoxious and rude fans just makes the experience less than stellar.

So how does Thomas handle left coast sports? I wake up early, watch piss poor games, and rely on the internet and Sportscenter to stay on top of it all.  

Ask Thomas Series: My Work Calendar

Posted: February 26, 2008 in ask thomas, work

I’m sure you are sitting back asking yourself “How does Thomas keep track of what the date is while at the office?” all the time. Well, I’ll tell you – I walk into the work kitchen. I can tell by the smell. Like today, I know it’s the last week of the month because it smells like an episode of Dirty Jobs in there today. Of course, I don’t get the satisfaction of cleaning out the sh*t like Mike Rowe does. The first of the week the kitchen actually smells clean since the custodial engineers come in and toss the fridge like a San Quentin cell block. I really am shocked people put their food in that germbox ever. It really is disgusting.

I’m sure my 4 U.S. fans and 38 Eastern Europe fans have many other questions. Feel free to leave a comment and maybe I’ll make a post.