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File This Under I Told You So

Posted: March 8, 2008 in business
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Do you know friends and family who upon hearing you have a cold reply “You need to take Airborne. It fights off colds!” I always dismiss them, with my first response being “Yeah I don’t think I’m gonna put my health in the hands of a wannabe doctor who is a teacher.” My other response is that the product is nothing but snakeoil – a fizzy water that tastes bad. Well, according to this lawsuit others agree. Seems the makers of Airborne have agreed to a 23.3 million dollar settlement for false advertising. I’d just like to say to everyone I told you so!

Of course, Airborne  admits no wrong doing, even though now they advertise themselves as immune boosters and not some miracle chalk pill. If you’ve been swindled by Airborne, there will be a claim to which you can get some money back. Of course, you will still live with the fact you paid $10 to drink a nasty fizzy drink.