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Here is a clip from the new move Drillbit Taylor starring your favorite cry for help actor Owen Wilson. I want to see this movie not only because it was written by the current Mr. Hollywood Seth Rogen, but I’m a sucker for adolescent humor (or crude humor, or politically incorrect humor, or just humor in general).

 I’m pretty sure this skit is a deja vu of my childhood. I remember a few punches back in the day.


it’s official, the writer’s strike is over.  According to the Wall Street Journal, an agreement was reached late Tuesday night by the Writers Guild of  America. Workers will be getting back to work as early as Wednesday, the first time since going on strike November 5 of last year. 

The biggest issues over this latest strike was around online and other new media payments to the writers. A deal was reached this past Friday, and on Monday many Guild members were already preparing to get back writing.

This is great news for us devoted television watchers, who are sick of reruns and very bad reality shows. Early winners seem  to be the Oscars which will be televised on Feb 24th and Saturday Night Live on Feb 23rd. Many shows will have new episodes as early as March.