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This is my open letter to ESPN

To whom it may concern – I tuned in to your channel(s) to watch the ACC Tournament. I was shocked to witness what I think is the most appalling, ludicrous, and idiotic marketing in the history of the world. This goes beyond the New Coke fiasco of the 1980s. It is even worse than any local furniture company commercials that buy TV time slots. I am talking about Opera Steve.

As this atrocity is so vile and heinous, I am unable to find the right words to truly label this event. Somewhere in your marketing department, a series of paid employees green lighted Operation: Opera Steve. I have a few thoughts I’d like to express to you. Please take this as constructive criticism. Your offering is currently better than Fox Sports, but that’s not really saying much.1. If it takes someone searching the internet (no not  googling) to figure out who is making these shrieks that are on par with the sounds of the alien in Aliens, this may not be the best idea.2. Just because said “musical talent” has a MySpace page, does not in fact make them cool or accepting with your younger audience.3. Dressing up this “talent” in a basketball jersey and repeating the names of the teams playing in a microphone does not make it hip.4. Rap, Opera, and college sports do not mix. Ever. Period.5. “Opera Steve” is neither a talent nor a fad. You have to be good to be either. In summary, I will say that the commentators and production quality of the game far outweighs what the regional  viewers are forced to watch (Yes RayComm, you suck). However, the fact that I am unable to keep food down after commercial breaks does not make me enjoy your product. In the future, may I suggest sticking with current or past game highlights,  or avoiding all marketing outside of the fly-in ACC Tournament logo. Thanks,ThomasPS – please get rid of ESPN Insider. Paying for content is a joke, and your site is littered with enough advertising that you shouldn’t need this extra income.