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If the TV Show Cops and Punk’d had kids, do you think it would be something like this?  The whole thing was staged by 18 year old Dustin Zebro. I like the cut of this kid’s jib. From the article “he staged the party after friends at D.C. Everest High School got suspended from sports because of pictures showing them drinking from red cups.” Good stuff.

Since this is 2008, there is a youtube clip. The audio is really loud so you might want to adjust your speakers.


Here is a clip from the new move Drillbit Taylor starring your favorite cry for help actor Owen Wilson. I want to see this movie not only because it was written by the current Mr. Hollywood Seth Rogen, but I’m a sucker for adolescent humor (or crude humor, or politically incorrect humor, or just humor in general).

 I’m pretty sure this skit is a deja vu of my childhood. I remember a few punches back in the day.

King Cobra Makes Me Thirsty

Posted: March 6, 2008 in humor, videos
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If this commercial from 1985 doesn’t make you hop in your Yugo and pick up a King Cobra, heaven help you.